Teresa Takken
Jul 10, 2018

Benelux/Europa Region update!


The past year has been filled with many inquiries into SFCC from Poland, Belgium. Netherlands, Spain.

The two young women in Poland are very dedicated and serving with their lives, talents, time, jobs the underprivilged there with great fervor. After much communication back and forth, when they stated their desire to come here to live with and in a large religious community which would take care of them financially as well, with habits etc etc....I referred them to other orders and congregations within europa who meet those points.......we do not!


The growing number of young people around me, journeying along in an acquaintance phase, such as a wonderful harpist/singer/musician/composer, Fraukje, as well as Hans Laro, Psychologist working within the 28 facilities in North Holland of the ' Zorgcirkel 'where I am also employed; young doctors at my work as well seeking shall we say, "the SFCC vision" without having known it, ....

Our core group in The Netherlands consists still of Monique, Lien, Ineke and Ria, yet we have many others whom align their lives according to the three vows and vision of SFCC throughout The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, :Portugal and recently now Spain.


The 6 day visit of 'becoming process' sisters Carmen and Magdalena you will all read about in the A-t-A yet in a word for now: a homecoming celebration was it for all of us here who met them, as well as for them with us.

"Where were you all this time?!" we repeated often back and forth, feeling at home with each other the moment their plane landed until their return flight.....and still....


Didy is recovering miraculously from head-on car crash which broke almost every bone in her body, with 5 operations one after another for torn internal organs as well as attempts to reconstruct face and bones of arms, legs, ribs......

Modern medicine is absolutely incredible.

Her main concern is for the psychological well-being of the guilt-ridden conscience of the 38 year old young woman who was tapping into ' what's app 'on her iphone when she hit Didy(!) Her heart full of compassion toward the young woman is wondrous to behold, and an inspiration in peace and reconciliation!

Didy is a bright light for all at the facility where she must live for the next 3 years or so, hoping ever to be able to walk again. She shared last Saturday with me that she more than ever understands the idea of a 'ministry of presence'...of just 'being there' so that others feel heard, seen and appreciated.


Then, there is Bettina, a spiritual counsellor in her mosque in Alkmaar....very progressive branch of Islam (no burka and no veil....'no habit'). She and I (Teri) work together on projects toward integration of migrants, christians and moslims in works of mercy, peace and reconciliation. She identifies with our vision and vows in her daily work and feels as a real sister as do my jewish friends......we share the Old Testament and that connects us in living, loving and serving, as well as their respect for the life and authentic 'word of God' which Jezus was and still is through us!


Doors are opening in places where no one would expect...

Pentecost is really full of fire this year for us in the Benelux!


Stay tuned for more to come from our side of the ocean and have a blessed Assembly this year dear sisters in Chicago!


submitted by Teresa (Teri) Takken

Benelux(Europa) Region

10 july 2018



Teresa Takken
Jul 10, 2018



Teresa Takken
Jul 10, 2018



Teresa Takken
Jul 11, 2018

here some fotos of us:

Monique with her 'friend' Kos

and then Monique, Lien and Magda (Spain)


Ineke (Zeeland) Caroline (Heiloo) Ria (Zeeland)


and my visit to Didy, miraculously

recovering from near fatal head-on car collision

consilia karli
Nov 16, 2018

So happy to see that someone finally made an entry on the conversations section of the website. I enjoyed your account of what has been happening in the Netherlands.

I still have vivid memories of our assembly there...it was so powerful in so many ways. I especially loved learning about the Beguines, whom I now consider trailblazers for the sfcc concept.

Here In the US there is a new program called Nuns and Nones. https://www.nunsandnones.org/

I really want to suggest they introduce the Beguines to these young people who want a spiritual lifestyle without vows. I am happy to read that some women religious in Europe are finding us. The website is starting to have an impact. In our region, Sophia, we are blessed with 2 sisters from Africa and one from Spain. I love the diversity.

I collaborate with an sfcc who lives nearby, Lea Anne Hunter, on a post-Vatican ll blog that has reached more than 60 countries including the Netherlands. ritebeyondrome.com . Lea Anne has undying faith that Vatican ll can live again, even here in America. I just try to maintain some hope.




Jan 2

Thanks for your response to Teri and the new information you shared. Looking forward to viewing the blog and investigating the Nuns and Nones.

Lea Anne Hunter
Oct 25

@kardellroberta28 ...Roberta, you might enjoy this post added to https://www.sfccinternational.org/forum/general-news/video-sister-from-india-speaks-out-like-lillanna-kopp-in-sudden-spring

Teresa Takken
Jan 3

Dear sisters all,

Wonderful to share at you at the outset of this new year!

In Dutch and Flemisch up until the feast of 3 Kings, 6 januari, we greet all with whom we come into contact with "Heil & zegen"/"Salvation & blessing"

And so to all of you, my prayers for a blessed, salving 2019, especially with our combined efforts to be instruments of peace and reconciliation with all our time, talents....where we live and work and have our being!

That leads me to the continuing good news surrounding SFCC since I last wrote to you in this conversation blog, july 2018.

First, Didy, who suffered the terrible car accident, is recovering beyond all possible expectations. Following the long coma, the 9 surgeries, monday-friday daily therapy at the rehad centre where she resides.....she will face another crucial surgery which hopes to save one of her legs, and enable her again to walk. Amazing is that she, wheelchair bound, conducted with one arm, a Christmas choir which she started at the the rehab centre, consisting of patients and personnel. Music fills the soul with courage, indeed.....


As I shared before, the past year has been filled with many inquiries into SFCC from Poland, Belgium. Netherlands, Spain (see my message above from past July)


Our sisters, Carmen en Magda, from Spain have recently (december 2018) signed the Covenant form after their six month inquirer period. The are moving into full membership of the SFCC worldwide community with much enthousiams and 'spirit'!

In september they moved to Louvain, Belgium, among other things, learning Flemisch ....awaiting --as am I--with me our next steps with sisters in Gent and Brugge. In the wknd of 11-14 january 2019 we will learn and discover more.....will keep you posted!

In the wknd of 7-11 februari 2019 I am being flown--ticket already paid for by Magda en Carmen--at the request of (younger) people filled with the SFCC vision, to come give a concert in Bilbao, Spain, the night of the 7th, followed by a 4 day retreat together with the many there, who wish to know more about the SFCC vision, vows and daily implementation.

Like so often, the "aha erlebnis" again with these folks:

"Where have you been all my life?!" is repeatedly asked ---I always laugh when it is is some young mid -20's person asking that!


The main theme uniting sooooo many young people at this time to us, to the SFCC vision is summarized such:

"we know that the world cannot continue as it has....political leaders, global problems...

I, as one among many, want to make a difference. Starting with myself first, my thoughts, my words, my actions....I want to use all my time, energy, talents to build bridges, community, harmony among people, towards peace and reconciliation, wherever I live and work, through connective and uplifting communication in which people feel seen, heard and appreciated."

Each person having found us via social media, blogs, linked-in, facebook, et alia, has the same core words for their media search: peace, reconciliation; connective communication; building harmony, building community; making a difference beginning with myself, etc.


I thought that Pentecost in 2018 was full of fire this us in the Benelux and in europa!

Now this year has started off with a spirited impulse, and we are feeling the presence of the Spirit

calling many more to live out the vision of the SFCC ---so desperately needed in our time.

Stay tuned for more to come from our side of the ocean and have a blessed Assembly in this month together in The Philippines!


Love, light and songs from the sea at The Netherlands


(Teresa Takken, RCC Benelux/Europa)

Lea Anne Hunter
Sep 21

Teri, you and so may others with you are fulfilling Lillanna Kopps's vision and the vision of our early SFCC mothers. Thank you! Thank you all! So glad to hear of the ecumenical connections happening as well.


SFCC, like the Church at large, is in the very early stages of exploring Conciliar Collegiality, which Lillanna believed key to both religious life and Christian community. We are trying to locate her book, The New Nuns: Collegial Christians- Audrey Kopp, SNJM 1968


Others in the medical and education professions have explored procedural collegiality with its consensus process and collaborative methods....with mostly negative results. Conciliar Collegiality, however, provides a much deeper experience and relies heavily on a communal discussion which calls forth contributions pro and con...particularly focusing on understanding the why not. It is not goal-oriented for results nor is it interested in efficient conduct of business. It is focused on persons and the necessity of all voices that the Spirit may reveal itself in our midst.


Consilia Karli and I look forward to our next Sophia Circle Region meeting where we will all share together in exploring the vision and mission of SFCC to the world in terms of the discipline of Conciliar Collegiality and transfiguragion experience that it evokes.


With love and prayer for you and all with whom you work and play and pray, Lea Anne Hunter.

Teresa Takken
Sep 22

Dear Lea Anne (and Consilia)

So great to receive your message!

Indeed, also here, at many levels of work (jobs) as well as communities and groups, I too, as does the Old Catholic Church, attempt to employ conciliar collegiality ala your description, which is very effective in building community among all involved!

Recently when I retired at my job (Geestelijke Verzorger/spiritual caregiver) at the 28-locations health foundation "De Zorgcirkel" spread throughout North Holland province, one of my managers in his speech for me said "I have to admit I had trouble at first with your manner of doing, Teresa(!); yet, I quickly experienced that your manner of doing removes all barriers between people and unites them almost immediately...." (my 'manner of doing', is the collegial consensus approach) This is the SFCC approach Lillanna meant to employ in collegial consensus: the people and our connections is more important than a proposal or efficiency, etc. as you so well said in your note above. It is so important to strive for this wherever we live and work, as it IS possible and is so desperately needed!

Thank you for your sisterhood with me and all of us here.....we are truly connected in vision and spirit and prayer (and song!)

many warm greetings from my shore to yours

Teri Takken

Lea Anne Hunter
Sep 23

Congratulations with your success using Lillanna's Collegial Community practice. It is helpful to know of your experience in your job and the compliment your manager gave you, his initial disbelief and your success with SFCC conciliar collegiality which is so much more than a collaborative decision-making process. The discipline of it helps us to experience the unity in diversity which, as you said, is so desperately needed in the world today.


Thank you for your sisterhood with us, Teri, with your community. It is so very good to be truly connected with you "in vision and spirit and prayer and song!"

Blessings and many warm greeting from your shore to yours as well,

Lea Anne and Consilia.

Lea Anne Hunter
Sep 23

Oops, I meant from our shore to yours!


Sep 23

Thank you all for this communication. I have so much to learn about this wonderful charism. When we are so used to do things certain way it sounds surprising to hear that they can be done from a totally different criteria. It may sound naive to people who have never practiced it but, it makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you sisters for having lived it already for years!!! Keep up the good work.

Lea Anne Hunter
Sep 25

Thank you, Carmen...We are ALL learning about this conciliar collegiality and how it differs from procedural collegiality which is more business oriented. We are learning how the two types of collegiality can work well together. I so like the way you put it, Carmen: "When we are so used to do things certain way it sounds surprising to hear that they can be done from a totally different criteria." How very true for ALL of us every day.

Please remember Sophia Circle Region as we meet the weekend of Oct 4-6 when we will be exploring further the SFCC charism of collegiality.

With gratitude and blessing,

Lea Anne

Sep 25

@Lea Anne Hunter


Be assured of our prayers especially that particular weekend and also we would love to know some of your conclusions.

Greetings on our behalf to the members of the Sophia Circle Region


Lea Anne Hunter
Sep 26

@carmennotario Consilia and I will convey your greetings to Sophia Circle, Carmen. And we will definitely share conclusions from the meeting with you. (Check out the piece we submitted for the Sept-Oct All-To-All when it is published.) A summary of our October meeting should be in the Nov-Dec. ATA issue. But we will share some PDF slides with you before then. We are counting on your prayerful support for the weekend..for what we do is not only for Sophia. It is also for Benelux/Europa SFCC Region and others to the extent it can be of use to you.

Much gratitude and many blessings to all our dear sisters and brothers!

Lea Anne

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Teresa Takken
Sep 27

All of us here in Benelux and Europa Region are praying for you, indeed, for this important task ahead! Be assured of our continued sisterhood and connection from shore to shore and heart to heart!

Your sis' at the sea in Egmond


Lea Anne Hunter
Oct 25

Teri, you and your sister-brother companions might enjoy this post just added to the website here: https://www.sfccinternational.org/forum/general-news/video-sister-from-india-speaks-out-like-lillanna-kopp-in-sudden-spring

Teresa Takken
Oct 26

Wonderful Lea Anne, thanks for sending this!!!

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