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  • Lea Anne Hunter
    Nov 5

    “Breaking out - how the Church legitimizes a culture of obedience and submissiveness” Sister Shalini Mulackal PBVM, Presentation at Voices of Faith "And You Sister...What Do You Say" event in Rome ahead of the Synod on Amazonia. October 3rd 2019 If you can't access YouTube video below, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfw7WoWK_dI
  • Teresa Takken
    Oct 26

    The past year has been filled with many inquiries into SFCC from Poland, Belgium. Netherlands, Spain. The two young women in Poland are very dedicated and serving with their lives, talents, time, jobs the underprivilged there with great fervor. After much communication back and forth, when they stated their desire to come here to live with and in a large religious community which would take care of them financially as well, with habits etc etc....I referred them to other orders and congregations within europa who meet those points.......we do not! The growing number of young people around me, journeying along in an acquaintance phase, such as a wonderful harpist/singer/musician/composer, Fraukje, as well as Hans Laro, Psychologist working within the 28 facilities in North Holland of the ' Zorgcirkel 'where I am also employed; young doctors at my work as well seeking shall we say, "the SFCC vision" without having known it, .... Our core group in The Netherlands consists still of Monique, Lien, Ineke and Ria, yet we have many others whom align their lives according to the three vows and vision of SFCC throughout The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, :Portugal and recently now Spain. The 6 day visit of 'becoming process' sisters Carmen and Magdalena you will all read about in the A-t-A yet in a word for now: a homecoming celebration was it for all of us here who met them, as well as for them with us. "Where were you all this time?!" we repeated often back and forth, feeling at home with each other the moment their plane landed until their return flight.....and still.... Didy is recovering miraculously from head-on car crash which broke almost every bone in her body, with 5 operations one after another for torn internal organs as well as attempts to reconstruct face and bones of arms, legs, ribs...... Modern medicine is absolutely incredible. Her main concern is for the psychological well-being of the guilt-ridden conscience of the 38 year old young woman who was tapping into ' what's app 'on her iphone when she hit Didy(!) Her heart full of compassion toward the young woman is wondrous to behold, and an inspiration in peace and reconciliation! Didy is a bright light for all at the facility where she must live for the next 3 years or so, hoping ever to be able to walk again. She shared last Saturday with me that she more than ever understands the idea of a 'ministry of presence'...of just 'being there' so that others feel heard, seen and appreciated. Then, there is Bettina, a spiritual counsellor in her mosque in Alkmaar....very progressive branch of Islam (no burka and no veil....'no habit'). She and I (Teri) work together on projects toward integration of migrants, christians and moslims in works of mercy, peace and reconciliation. She identifies with our vision and vows in her daily work and feels as a real sister as do my jewish friends......we share the Old Testament and that connects us in living, loving and serving, as well as their respect for the life and authentic 'word of God' which Jezus was and still is through us! Doors are opening in places where no one would expect... Pentecost is really full of fire this year for us in the Benelux! Stay tuned for more to come from our side of the ocean and have a blessed Assembly this year dear sisters in Chicago! submitted by Teresa (Teri) Takken Benelux(Europa) Region 10 july 2018
  • Admin
    Jun 19, 2017

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